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ElectroTech Ural
ElectroTech Ural

ElectroTech Ural | Exhibition of electrical, lighting and wiring products

18 - 20 October 2016 | Yekaterinburg, IEC “Ekaterinburg EXPO”

ElectroTech Ural is the only Ural’s specialized exhibition of electrical, lighting and wiring equipment and an effective tool to promote the products in the market of Ural region of Russia.

ElectroTech Ural exhibitors - the producers and suppliers of electrical, lighting and wiring equipment – will present their products to the big number of the market professionals – buyers from the local trade, engineering and development companies, selling, installing and operating electrical and lighting systems of living and industrial buildings of Ural region.

ElectroTech Ural takes place at the same time with Securika Ural — the exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products. The colocation will provide more buyers from the Ural’s trade, manufacturing and engineering companies.