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About ITE Ural exhibitions



Successful exhibitions in Russian regions are an efficient way to develop business
Exhibitions in Russia are a reliable marketing tool and an excellent channel of business communication. In today’s world both organisers and participants of exhibitions have to meet serious requirements in order to make them truly efficient. Indeed, exhibitions help to minimise the distance between companies and their prospects. They bring together suppliers, customers, industry specialists involved in decision making, mass media representatives and other players of a particular market and this advantage shall be fully used.
Exhibition activities are one of the most effective tools for the development of a region enabling increased competitiveness and growth of regional business, development of infrastructure, job creation, adoption of innovations and the attraction of investments. This has the effect of increasing tax payments and the volume of regional gross output. The Ural region has been actively contributing to exhibitions development. The Exhibition Operation Department at the Ministry of Investments and Development within the Sverdlovsk region Government supervises the Coordinating council of exhibition and congress activities consisting of the key exhibition operators of the region, including MVK Ural. In 2011 the largest modern exhibition center in the Ural capital city “Yekaterinburg-Expo”, was put in operation.

       All these factors have helped to strengthen positions and expand regional operations of MVK Ural, a part of the ITE Group. Exhibition projects organised by MVK Ural appeal to leading market players and large audience, the majority of which are industry experts. Exhibitions and congresses of MVK Ural have been awarded the Mark of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs and supported by the Sverdlovsk region Government, the Yekaterinburg Administration, the Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry and several professional Russian and Ural associations and unions.

Are you planning to enhance the image of your company? Showcase production innovations and new technologies? Evaluate market potential and opportunities? Examine competitors and their strategies? Find new partners or dealers in the Ural region? Sign contracts with prospects or organise sales of your products?
If so, then you must take part in exhibitions and conferences organised by MVK Ural in Yekaterinburg!
Each year, we make all possible to ensure that our projects provide quality and efficiency for our participants and visitors. Take a look at our exhibitions, select the one that suits you, book your stand and start preparations! Participate in the business program! You will surely appreciate the result and the MVK Ural exhibition will become an efficient and reliable business partner for your company.
We work for your success!